Tax Sale


CANCELLATION -152 Shanley St.

The City has just received payment of the cancellation price from the Property Owner.

The City of Kitchener is required to follow the regulatory process for tax sales set out in provincial legislation and as a result has no choice but accept payment from the Property Owner, cancelling the tax sale.

In light of this significant payment to the City, staff are hopeful that the Property Owner is more committed to undertaking the necessary work on the property. The City is also hopeful the Property Owner will collaborate with the appropriate professionals to develop the property in a manner that supports the vision statement, which describes preferred land uses, developed through community consultation undertaken by the City on April 18, 2018. We have been advised that the Property Owner has retained an environmental consultant, has a remediation plan in place and that the Property Owner intends to comply with vision statement developed through community consultation.

The City can’t force the redevelopment of a site but it will continue to monitor the condition of the building, take steps under the Building Code Act to address deterioration at the site, enforce property standard issues at the site along with any other bylaws. The City will also monitor the status of the tax account and should the taxes be in arrears for a two-year period, the City will initiate a new tax sale process.


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