Tax payment options


You have several easy and convenient methods to choose from when paying your interim and final property-tax bills.

1. Pre-authorized payment plan

Our monthly pre-authorized tax payment plan allows you to set up 12 monthly payments to be withdrawn from your bank account on the first business day of the month. The first six monthly payments are based on the previous year's tax levy; the final six payments are adjusted to reflect the actual taxes for the year.

Our due date plan allows you to have payments withdrawn from your bank account according to the amount and due date of your tax bills.

You can join the plan if:

  • You are a Kitchener property taxpayer;
  • Your tax account is in good standing;
  • You have chequing privileges at a financial institution; and
  • You do not currently pay your taxes through a mortgage company.

To apply for pre-authorized payments, please complete the online Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan Application Form. 

We also accept pre-authorized payment of your:

 Changes to your bank account

Once your pre-authorized payment plan is in place, any changes to your information must be submitted to the Revenue Division in writing at least 14 DAYS prior to the next payment date.  To make changes to your pre-authorized payment plan account, please complete and submit the online Pre-Authorized Banking Information Change Form.

PDF versions of the forms are also available for download and include instructions for submission:


2. Online, mobile or telephone banking

You will need to set up the City of Kitchener as a bill payee on your bank account, and enter the tax roll number shown on your property-tax bill as the account number. Different banks require different numbers of digits. Typically, you can enter extra zeros at the end of your roll number until you meet your bank's digit requirement. If this does not work, please contact your bank's customer service department.

3. In person

Payments can be made at our revenue desk, located on the first floor of City Hall. We accept cash, cheques and debit payments; we do not accept credit cards.

4. By mail

You can mail your payment to:

City of Kitchener 
Financial Services - Revenue division
PO Box 1113
Kitchener, ON N2G 4R6

5. Payment boxes

Payment boxes are set up at the Young Street entrance and within the rotunda on the first floor of City Hall. Cheques dated for the bill's due date or earlier are accepted. Please do not deposit cash into the payment boxes.

To ensure your payment can be processed quickly, please:

  • Send tax-bill stub with your payment; do not fold, staple, stamp or write on payment stub.
  • Send your complete bill if a receipt is required.
  • Make your cheque payable to the City of Kitchener.

6. Automated banking machine (ABM) or bank teller

Payments can be made through an ABM or with a bank teller at most chartered banks. Please ensure your bank provides this service, and allow at least five business days for your bank to process the transaction and send us your payment.

7. Payment by your mortgage provider

If your mortgage provider pays your property taxes, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with them to to ensure your taxes are paid by the due date. 

For more information, please contact us at 519-741-2450.

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