Strategic plans and projects


Our community vision is: "Together we will build an innovative, caring and vibrant Kitchener." Our Strategic Plan is helping us get there.

This four-year strategy reflects input we received from more than 3,000 community members during an extensive public consultation process. Inside its pages are clear action plans and tangible steps for us to take to meet our collective objectives.

Our strategic priorities

  1. Open government: We will be transparent and accountable to citizens, providing easy access to information, a great customer service experience, and meaningful opportunities to participate in the democratic process.
  2. Strong and resilient economy: We will work within a collaborative network of city-builders to create a dynamic and prosperous Kitchener that is rich with employment opportunities and successful business ventures that can grow and thrive within the broader global economy.
  3. Safe and thriving neighbourhoods: We will work with community partners to create complete, connected, safe and walkable neighbourhoods with a range of housing options. We will encourage people to come together, interact with one another and build relationships through inclusive programs, services, events, and great public gathering places.
  4. Sustainable environment and infrastructure: We will have well planned, managed, and cost effective infrastructure systems that support long-term community needs for services, harnessing the benefits of nature through green infrastructure programs to create a healthy urban environment.
  5. Effective and efficient city services: We will deliver quality public services that meet the day to day needs of the community in a reliable and affordable way, made possible through technology, innovation, employee engagement, and a sound long-term financial plan.

We're committed to sharing the progress we've made in all of our priority areas with council and the community three times each year.

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