Stormwater utility


Proper stormwater management is critical to preserving the health and quality of our local water sources. However, due diligence comes at a cost. This requires us to fund our stormwater management practices through a user-fee program.

Our stormwater user fee appears on the monthly utility bills of both residential and non-residential property owners in our city.

In Kitchener, we charge a tiered flat fee for stormwater management. A series of rate tiers are calculated based on property type and size of impervious area on the property - the area that produces runoff into our local stormwater system.

For example, properties with more impervious surfaces - such as buildings, driveways and parking lots - typically create a lot of runoff because these surfaces do not allow water to absorb into the earth. As a result, these properties, which are typically non-residential, pay higher rates than residential properties because they generally contribute more runoff and pollutants to the stormwater system.

The utility also enables us to undertake critical stormwater management projects across our city.

For more information, please review our stormwater utility update, our stormwater rate bylaw and utility implementation plan and our frequently asked questions.

Stormwater rate table

The following table shows our current stormwater rate schedule, effective January 1, 2020:

Stormwater Classification Code                               

Basis for Charge

2020 Monthly Charge

Residential Single Detached



Detached homes with building footprint* size of 105 m2 or less



Residential Single Detached



Detached homes with building footprint* between 106-236 m2



Residential Single Detached



Detached homes with building footprint* size of 237 m2 or more






Per dwelling unit



Residential Condominium           

Per dwelling unit


Multi-Residential duplex             

Per building


Multi-Residential triplex

Per building


Multi-Residential four-plex        

Per building


Multi-Residential five-plex

Per building


Multi-Residential (>5 units)

Per property (according to number of dwelling units)


Non-Residential Smallest            

26 - 1,051 m2 of impervious area


Non-Residential Small                   

1,052 - 1,640 m2 of impervious area


Non-Residential Medium-Low  

1,641 - 7,676 m2 of impervious area


Non-Residential Medium-High

7,677 - 16,324 m2 of impervious area


Non-Residential Large                  

16,325 - 39,034 m2 of impervious area


Non-Residential Largest

39,035 m2 or greater of impervious area




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