Stormwater credit application residential


If you own a residential property and you're taking steps to manage stormwater, you may qualify for stormwater credits - and a reduction on the stormwater portion of your utility bill.

Tell us how you manage stormwater on your property by completing our residential credit application form. If you own multiple residential properties, you must complete a separate application for each property.

Approved stormwater best management practices for residential properties include:

  • rain barrels
  • cisterns
  • infiltration galleries
  • rain gardens
  • permeable pavers

Here's a list of local contractors who can help you implement stormwater management best practices on your property. You can also book a RAIN home visit for additional support.

Stormwater savings

If eligible, you can receive up to 45 per cent off of the stormwater portion of your utility bill; your reduction is based on the amount of stormwater you are able to divert from our local stormwater system. The following table outlines the rebate levels you will qualify for by implementing stormwater best management practices:

Residential credit values

Credit type

Volume captured



Basic residential credit

200 - 800 litres

1-4 rain barrels

1 small cistern


Normal residential credit

801 - 3,200 litres

1 large cistern

combination of cisterns
and rain barrels


Enhanced residential credit

3,201 litres or more

1 large cistern

1 infiltration gallery


Note: The minimum volume eligible for a credit is 200 litres.


Credits will not be given based on partially completed applications; please have the following information you need to complete the application handy before you start:

  • a copy of your utility bill
  • the measurements of the methods you use to manage stormwater or the volume of water stored on your property. Learn what measurements you need and how to calculate volume.

Copies of the stormwater credit application are also available at City Hall. Paper copies of the application can be scanned and emailed to, or mailed or dropped off to:

City Hall, 9th floor
200 King St. W.
PO Box 1118
Kitchener ON N2G 4G

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