Social services


Kitchener has a long history of taking our social responsibilities very seriously. Being at the heart of Waterloo region means we are the centre of many of the social supports in our area.

In fact, our city has the highest concentration of social-support agencies, social services and supportive housing of any municipality in the region; even though many of the users of those Kitchener-based services live in other neighbouring municipalities.

For our part, we continue to take a proactive approach in addressing the social needs of our residents via our community centres. Through our unique partnerships with neighbourhood associations, these facilities provide a wide range of resources and community outreach programs for all ages geared to the recreational, social and cultural needs of the areas they serve.

We are also proud to support the Region of Waterloo in its efforts to plan and deliver a variety of human services that sustain individuals and families in our community.

These services are designed to help residents enhance their participation in the community and ultimately improve their quality of life.

Local issues the region supports through various programs and initiatives include:

  • Children and child care
  • Employment resources and financial assistance
  • Homelessness
  • Social development
  • Supportive housing

In addition to the region, the following family-oriented service organizations provide important support throughout our area:


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