Seniors and disabled tax deferrals


If you're either a senior, who relies on the Guaranteed Income Supplement for support, or if you have a disability, as defined by the criteria below, and you receive support through the Ontario Disability Support Program, you can apply for a property-tax deferral.

Under the structure of this program, you would be considered disabled if:

  • You have a substantial physical or mental impairment that is continuous or recurrent and expected to last one year or more;
  • Your impairment affects your ability to attend to your personal care, and /or function in the community and at work each day; and
  • Your impairment has been verified by a person with the prescribed qualifications.

Terms and conditions

The following conditions apply to every tax deferral we grant:

  • Deferred amounts represent a lien against the property, under provisions of the Municipal Act.
  • Tax assistance is only allowed on one principal residence of the qualified person or the qualifying spouse. We may carry out and independent verification process.
  • Tax deferral applies to current taxes only -- not to tax arrears.
  • Tax relief amounts are only deferred after we receive payment in full for any current or past taxes owed.
  • You must apply for tax relief annually to either establish your eligibility or to confirm your continued eligibility.
  • Any tax relief you've been granted will no longer apply if you die, sell your property, or you're no longer eligible for deferral. Any deferred amounts immediately become a debt payable to us.

How to apply

To apply for tax deferral, please review our tax deferral policy and complete our tax deferral application.

Completed applications can be either:

  • Dropped off in our payment boxes, located on the first floor of city hall,
  • Faxed to 519-741-2751, or
  • Mailed to: 
    Financial Services - Revenue division 
    PO Box 1113 
    Kitchener, ON N2G 4R6

For more information, please contact us at 519-741-2450.

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