Property tax sale process


Anyone who owns property in our city is obligated to pay taxes. If an owner fails to pay property taxes, we will try to work with them by developing a reasonable repayment schedule.

However, if an owner either refuses or is unable to pay the amount owed, either as a whole payment or through a repayment schedule, we can - as a last resort - pursue the sale of the property under the terms of Ontario's Municipal Tax Sales Act.

What an owner can expect

If an owner does not pay property taxes for two years prior to Jan. 1 of any year on vacant land, or for three years on developed land, we can register a tax arrears certificate. These timelines apply to all classes of property.

A tax arrears certificate indicates the property will be sold if taxes, penalties, interest and reasonable costs we've incurred are not paid within one year of the certificate's registration.

Once a tax arrears certificate has been registered against a property, partial payments cannot be accepted; all taxes owing must be paid in full.

If the owner fails to pay the owed amount by the one-year deadline, we can advertise the sale of the property for non-payment of taxes. Advertisements are published in the Waterloo Region Record for four consecutive weeks.

For more information, please contact us at 519-741-2450.

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