PARTS phase 1 3D model


Pictures really are worth a thousand words. So, in developing our PARTS station study area plans, we are using a digital 3D model of the existing buildings in each study area to guide our future building decisions.  

The model, which is linked to our GIS system, is based on building footprint locations and information, street and sidewalk mapping, street tree locations and topography. Certain landmarks or major buildings are modeled with a greater degree of representation.

In total, 19,230 buildings were modeled using baseline GIS data and supplementary data to show heights, roof lines and sites. Using this data, the tool shows us the height and mass of future buildings - and how they might look like on a street before they are built to determine feasibility.

The following images provide a snapshot of the 3D model. Check out our 3D model video for more details.

Model rendering of central study area of Kitchener
Central Stations Study Area

Kitchener City Hall

Model rendering of the Rockway area of Kitchener
Rockway Stations Study Area

Weber Street and Sheldon Avenue North

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