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Are you looking for an opportunity to grow your business, increase brand awareness, establish a community presence or launch a promotional campaign? The City of Kitchener Municipal Partnership Program can help. We partner with businesses and organizations through customized sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

The City of Kitchener owns and operates a wide variety of assets, including buildings, programs and services and special events. Each of these assets offers strategic partnership opportunities and generates non-tax based revenue for the city.

The City of Kitchener offers sponsorship and partnership opportunities in the following areas: 

Read our Sponsorship Profiles to learn more about current partners and sponsors.


Scope of marketable assets

The City has a diverse range of high quality facilities and services, some of which attract hundreds of thousands of participants or views annually.

Diversified audience reach

The City has the ability to reach a wide range (and large number) of audiences with specific needs and interests. This provides the City with significant flexibility in being able to respond to the individual needs of companies.

Trusted provider of programs and services

The citizens of Kitchener trust that the City is acting in the best interests of the public and can feel secure that their individual and/or family needs are being met with a high degree of integrity.

We are a part of growing population and vibrant diverse economy

The Waterloo region is the fastest-growing census metropolitan area (CMA) in the country, according to Statistics Canada (StatsCan 2018-2019).

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