On Demand


Imagine a city that gives you access to the information you need, when you need it. A city that takes transparency with its citizens, local businesses and global companies to the next level. Public expectations are continuing to grow--expecting improved access to the services and information they rely on every day. To meet these demands, Kitchener must continue to expand the availability and use of its data and offer more choice in accessing digital services.

"Make better use of data through collaboration and co-ordination."

Becoming more on demand means:  

  1. Providing more centralized information that is  easy to access.
  2. Using information in more dynamic ways to inform decision making.
  3. Offering digital service options that are convenient and intuitive.

To make this happen we will:

Make better use of data through collaboration and co-ordination
Our action steps include:             
  1. Developing an organization-wide approach to data management to provide guidance on the use of analytics.
  2. Continuing to expand the city's open data catalogue to incorporate new data sets.
Explore new opportunities to enhance online services
 Our action steps include:
  1. Exploring new opportunities to align the city's website and existing e-services to support a single sign-on where users can visit one website for multiple municipal services.
  2. Creating e-services that are more personalized.
  3. Supporting the city's ongoing engagement and customer service initiatives through new tech opportunities.

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