Natural spaces and trees


You don't have to travel far to get in touch with nature. Our local parks, trails and natural areas offer year-round enjoyment - as well as charming beauty, biological diversity; and greatly contribute to our quality of life and civic pride.

The Grand River -- as well as the many streams, fish habitats, wetlands, woodlands and trees that make up our natural environment -- enhance our water and air quality, and offer our community many recreational opportunities, such as canoeing, kayaking and hiking.

These outdoor amenities also connect us to our natural heritage, providing a glimpse into our city's past and reminding us what we must preserve for our future.

We are committed to protecting these spaces, in accordance with our parks master plan and our trails master plan.

The City of Kitchener is also proud to be recognized at an official Bee City!

Huron Natural Area Playscape Project

Studies show that kids are spending less time outdoors connecting with nature - essentially missing out on key learning opportunities and fun experiences that add to a healthy childhood.

We're trying to combat this trend and encourage children to 'take it outside' again by offering a natural playscape at Huron Natural Area - a way for kids to re-imagine the way they play.

Our natural playscape is intended to represent the larger environment in a safe, manageable way for children. Made up of mostly natural elements, with only a few man-made materials, our playscape encourages kids to play creatively, explore confidently and embrace the natural world around them.


Some of our playscape's features include:

  • log climbers,
  • stepping stumps,
  • a large sand play area with a water pump,
  • a dry creek bed and bridge, and
  • a log hut.

And - best of all - kids can shape their surroundings with logs, tree slices and sticks, and build a fort!

Seeing is believing - check out the design of our natural playscape at Huron Natural Area, view the photo album on our Facebook page - or visit for yourself this summer.

Expanding our playscape

We're looking for community volunteers to help us find needed materials and work on some new elements for our playscape. Here's a wish list of the items we need and where we could use some help:


  • garden shovels
  • wood barrels/half-barrels, galvanized troughs
  • armourstone, boulders, river rock
  • rebar, corrugated metal
  • building materials for loose material storage area
  • cedar posts - rural mailbox(es), weather vane
  • native plants (suitable for sandy loam - sun) (fall 2014 or spring 2015)


  • wood working, wood carving, log trough making
  • metal work
  • pebble mosaic
  • willow structure building
  • sign building or painting
  • planting (spring 2016)
  • artist/expert-led initiatives

Other ideas?

Please let us know! Thanks for helping us create a more livable community and helping to invest in the community's future by supporting outdoor education and play!

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