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The City of Kitchener is conducting a neighbourhood planning review for the Lower Doon and Conestoga College – Doon Campus area. This includes land on both sides of Homer Watson Boulevard near Highway 401 and the Grand River. The existing land use planning policies and regulations that guide the use of land and development in this location were established 18-40+ years ago.

Engagement session - Wednesday, Nov. 18

We hosted two online meetings on Wednesday, Nov. 18 to review draft recommendations for the Lower Doon area.

Engagement session - Tuesday, Sept. 22

We hosted a virtual engagement session on Tuesday, Sept. 22. The workshop included a brief presentation, a collaborative conversation and an interactive exploration of possible land uses in Lower Doon.

Find the presentation used at the session and recordings of the session below:

The project is intended to be completed in two phases: Phase 1 - Land Use Study: Issue and Options Report and Phase 2 - Planning Amendments. The end result will include new objectives and a new plan for the area through new Official Plan policies and land use, new zoning provisions, new urban design guidelines for any development, updated cultural heritage conservation and other potential recommendations.

Phase 1 - Land Use Study: Issues and Options Report (Winter-Spring 2020)

The City of Kitchener has retained a consultant, The Planning Partnership, to lead Phase 1 of this neighbourhood planning review. This will involve public and stakeholder engagement to review the existing and potential issues, explored desired outcomes and options and provide a recommended course of action for the next phase of work. The result is to be an Issues and Options Report provided to Committee or Council in the Spring of 2020.

Background report

This report provides background information on the work completed to date. This includes what we heard from residents and outlines options and possible next steps for the study.

Neighbourhood Engagement Workshop

We are seeking input from all landowners, residents and stakeholders in the Lower Doon / Conestoga College – Doon Campus area to help explore the future vision, objectives and preferred outcomes. Our first introductory workshop session was held on on Tuesday, Feb. 4at the Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre. If you were unable to attend or would simply like to review the material shared during this session, the presentation can be found through the following link:

The community feedback from one-one-one conversations with residents through Dec. 2019 to Jan. 2020 have been compiled along with the results of our Feb. Engagement Workshop into a summary What We Heard report, which can be found here:

Learn more about the Lower Doon / Conestoga College Neighbourhood Planning Review and how you can be involved to provide your input. We look forward to working together to create a new plan for the area.

Phase 2 – Planning Amendments (Summer-Fall)

The City’s Planning Division will utilize the recommendations from the Phase 1 Report to move forward with formal amendments to planning documents. This will involve the review and replacement of the existing Community Plan, Block Plan(s) and Zoning for the area along with any neighbourhood specific urban design expectations for any new development and formally updating the cultural heritage framework as well.

This will involve landowners, residents and stakeholders through various engagement opportunities.

Existing Land Use and Zoning

Current Land Use Map

Existing Official Plan – see Map 3 and 5 along with policies 15.D.12.16 and 26

Existing Community Plan

Existing Zoning map 

Existing Zoning (Zoning By-law 85-1)

Existing Block Plan 58

Existing Block Plan 65

Cultural Heritage Resources

An important aspect to consider when reviewing the planning framework for an area is the existing or potential cultural heritage resources. Within the Lower Doon / Conestoga College – Doon Campus area there are several properties that are either listed or designated on the City’s Heritage Register.

In the City’s approved Cultural Heritage Landscape Study, the Lower Doon area and Homer Watson Park were identified as areas that required further review. At the time, the initial evaluation for this area did not clearly meet the criteria for being a significant cultural heritage landscape but did warrant additional review within the area.

The City retained Stantec Consulting Ltd. to undertake a Cultural Heritage Landscape Implementation – Additional Research to Determine if Lower Doon and Homer Watson Park is a Significant Cultural Heritage Landscape. Additional specific landscapes are identified as potentially being significant.

Cultural heritage resources will be part of the information considered in the Lower Doon / Conestoga College Neighbourhood Planning Review throughout the Phases of the project and during upcoming public/stakeholder engagement. In addition, feedback can also be provided through direct comment to the heritage and planning staff involved in the project.

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