LED streetlight conversion


Smart infrastructure like LED streetlights with smart sensors will lay the groundwork for improvements to the way citizens live, work and experience life in Kitchener. The City of Kitchener is converting over 16,000 street lights to LED fixtures that include adaptive controls (smart sensors) that make-up a city wide narrowband network. These streetlights will transform everyday experiences - from simple things like the ability to brighten and dim the lights a to more advanced uses like improved navigation for emergency services, making gas meter data available in real-time and monitoring sound pressure levels across the city.

The LED streetlight conversion project is scheduled for completion by the end of October 2017. Residents can track progress of the LED conversions online.  The Smart LED streetlights will connect our infrastructure by integrating with the city's network of adaptive controls, which will be used for future smart city initiatives.

 What is an adaptive control system?
The adaptive control system will allow the city to control and monitor street lights. The city plans to  explore new opportunities to leverage this system and improve customer service by:
  • showing lighting outages in real time so we can respond to faulty lights more efficiently;
  • dimming lights in areas that have more light than necessary leading to energy savings and proper lighting conditions for residents;
  • giving staff quick access to data about the performance of the system and our lights

The adaptive control system will also be used for smart city initiatives. Some examples of other future smart city projects include:

  • parking management to track occupancy of parking spaces;
  • water and gas meter reading
  • transportation and traffic management to collect real time data on the traffic flow in the city, which will optimize traffic light timing and give priority to public transport vehicles as well as ambulance, fire and police.
 Did you know?
  • Approximately 500 tonnes of greenhouse gasses can be saved annually through the installation of a full LED street light replacement program.
  • The new LED lights have a colour temperature of 3,000 kelvin , which is a slightly cooler, but much cleaner light than what exists today.
  • The energy savings from this program will pay for the LED replacement cost in about seven years.
  • The new LED lights will last up to 20 years reducing future replacement costs.
  • The new fixtures have a full cut-off design, which will result in less light pollution, including less light on private property.

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