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Kitchener Utilities has provided our community with natural gas and water for more than 100 years.

As a community-owned utility, we are dedicated to bringing you value in essential services to your home or business.

As taxpayers, most of our more than 65,000 customers are also our owners.

We continue to build Kitchener Utilities on our core principles: to offer value to our customers and provide vision for the future. We deliver on this promise through cost-efficient, quality service that meets our community's changing needs.

Kitchener Utilities also provides a wide range of programs and services, including:

  • Natural gas rental water heater
  • Natural gas appliance repair services

Please review our customer service practices regarding utility billing and bill payment. Here is the link for our Council policy number: I-517 amended April 15, 2015  COLLECTIONS - UTILITY AND MISCELLANEOUS RECEIVABLE

For more information, visit Kitchener Utilities' website.

 Sewer rebate policy
Do you pay utility rates for an industry, a commercial business or an institution? You may be eligible for a rebate on a portion of the sewer surcharge on your utility bill.  

The sewer rebate policy and guidelines apply to water not discharged into the sanitary sewer system (for example, water evaporated from cooling towers or used to make a product). The rebate is calculated based on the percentage of water not returned to the sanitary sewer system, and is credited on the water bill, based on the sewer portion of the water rate paid.

If you are a customer in one of these categories, and have questions, please contact Kevin Mick, design & approvals engineer, engineering services, City of Kitchener, 519-741-2200 x7884, TTY 1-866-969-9994,

  Sewer rebate policy guidelines

1. Guideline purpose:

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist in the implementation of the Sewer Surcharge Rebate Policy (FIN-GRA-785) and to provide a standard approach to the rebate process.

2. Definitions:

Customer - A customer of water purchased from the City of Kitchener.

Diverted Water - The volume of water purchased by the customer from the City where such water is used by the customer as specified in FIN-GRA-785.

Policy - Sewer Surcharge Rebate Policy (FIN-GRA-785).

3. Guideline content:

Requirement for Application - To be considered for a sewer surcharge rebate a customer must submit an application to the City in the year to which the rebate would apply. The application to the City shall include all necessary information as detailed in the policy that demonstrate the criteria for approval of the rebate have been met.

Successful Application - An application is considered successful when the City has satisfied itself through review of information provided by the customer that all requirements as detailed in these guidelines and related policy have been met and that the City has notified the customer of approval of the rebate.  An approved application is valid until a change in use or process occurs.

Criteria for Approval of a Rebate - A rebate shall only be considered if it meets the criteria of FIN-GRA-785.

Annual Verification of Diverted Water - No later than the 1st day of April of each calendar year customers, whose applications for a sewer surcharge rebate pursuant to the policy have been approved, shall be required to submit their Certified Engineering Report of the customer's diverted water for the previous calendar year.

Submission of  Certified Engineering Report - A customer that has made application for a sewer surcharge rebate shall be required, at their sole expense, to submit to the City a certified engineering report sealed by an licensed professional engineer on an annual basis.

Content of Certified Engineering Report - The detailed engineering report shall contain at a minimum:

a) An analysis of water use processes to verify that the criteria for approval of the rebate have been met and the calculation of diverted water;

b) An evaluation of the ability to install a metering system that will provide reliable and accurate readings if necessary (installation and maintenance of any such metering system if required by the City shall be at the sole expense of the customer); and

c)The methodology used to calculate diverted water.

Rebate Portion of Sewer Charge - Where it has been determined under this policy that a customer has made a successful application or submitted a satisfactory annual verification of diverted water, the City shall rebate to the customer by cheque, that portion of the prior year's sewer bill related to sewer surcharges paid on diverted water.  Rebate calculations will be completed and cheques issued on an annual basis.  The rebate calculation will be based annual sewer charges and water usage, not monthly.

Rebate Period - Upon notification of approval of the application by the City a customer shall be entitled to a sewer surcharge rebate for diverted water in the immediate prior calendar year only.  Rebates shall not be retroactive to other previous years.

Site Inspection - The City shall conduct an inspection of the customer's premises to verify any and all information in relation to the application submitted by the customer.

No Rebate for Non-Compliance and Outstanding Arrears - Any customer who is non-compliant with any relevant City by-law and/or is in arrears with regard to any payments to the City shall not be entitled to a sewer surcharge rebate so long as such non-compliance and/or arrears remain outstanding. Any rebate approved under the policy shall be withheld by the City until such non-compliance of arrears has been addressed to the satisfaction of the City. Should the non-compliance or arrears continue into the subsequent calendar year any rebate as approved under this policy shall be forfeited by the customer.

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