Kitchener Growth Management Plan


Our growth management plan is one of the key tools we use to effectively manage development in our community.

Placing high priority on using existing infrastructure, the Kitchener Growth Management Plan focuses on our:

  • urban growth centre;
  • identified intensification areas; and
  • planning communities/growth areas that include greenfield lands.

The plan is based on the overarching principles of our Official Plan, the Ontario Planning Act, Provincial Policy Statement and the regional 'A Place to Grow' plan.

Kitchener’s Growth Management Plan is prepared every two years. In November 2017 council approved the Kitchener Growth Management Plan (KGMP) Fall 2017-Fall 2019. This KGMP was approved by council with two modifications as per council’s resolution

The draft KGMP 2019-2021+ is available for review and comment. Please provide comments via email to Tim Donegani by Aug. 6, 2019.

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