Kitchener cycling master plan


At certain times of day, cyclists of all ages, abilities and skill levels line our streets - on their way to or from school or work, or simply enjoying health and fitness benefits that come with taking a bicycle for a spin.

Our cycling master plan has made getting from point A to point B easier and safer for cyclists, with policies and related practices that are helping us make Kitchener bicycle friendly.

This includes adding more than 100 kilometres of bikeways over the next few years - with the goal of more than doubling bicycle usage in our city every three to five years. We plan to achieve this objective by:

  • Attracting new cyclists: Plan and design for people who don't cycle by developing safe and comfortable bikeways, such as bicycle boulevards, bike lanes, trails, intersection and crossing treatments, that reduce potential conflicts between people cycling and people driving.
  • Strengthening bicycle policies: Adopt policy changes and associated tools for enforcement, such as bylaws, complementary policies and design criteria, to make bicycling more attractive than driving for shorter trips.
  • Creating a bikeway network on city streets: Develop safe and comfortable bikeways on city streets that offer cyclists several route choices.
  • Increasing bicycle parking: Implement bylaws, strategies and programs to satisfy the growing demand for bike parking.
  • Expanding programs to support bicycling: Expand established programs, and develop new programs, to encourage and support bicycling.
  • Increasing funding for bicycle facilities: Pursue multiple strategies to increase funding for bicycle facilities.
  • Creating a sustainable culture of cycling development: Adopt an institutional structure and process to effectively monitor implementation of the cycling network and policies.

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