Innovation isn't just about big ideas; it's about positive change that has the potential for significant impact. It's about a willingness to embrace new ideas that can transform experiences, relationships, industries and event cities. They key to innovation is to create an environment where people are excited to collaborate, and feel supported to succeed. When people feel empowered to suggest even the smallest change and improve the way things are done, that's when true innovation occurs.

"When a city's culture supports the unconventional, there is the potential for greatness."

Becoming more innovative means:

  1. Providing flexible IT solutions to city staff that support service delivery and process improvement.
  2. Deploying more mobile solutions and automating more business processes.
  3. Testing new service delivery ideas through co-developed initiatives and piloting new concepts.

To make this happen we will:

Promote civic innovation through culture and process first, projects second
Our action steps include:             
  1. Creating a new business model for IT that brings a new focus to working with internal partners collaboratively.
  2. Implementing the city's mobile strategy and ensuring corporate policies are in place to empower a creative workforce, including remote work and cross-functional work.
Exploring how to become more flexible in how the city acquires goods, services and solutions.
Engage our talented community of innovators to assist in finding solutions to local civic challenges
Our action steps include:
  1. Creating forums to present municipal service challenges and developing cutting edge, made in Kitchener solutions.
  2. Identifying opportunities to work more closely with post-secondary institutions on smart city research and projects

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