Innovation clusters


The City of Kitchener has an extraordinarily dynamic, metropolitan economy, rich in industrial heritage where the development of innovations in technology, education, and arts and culture are highly valued. 

Kitchener has been able to foster and grow exciting possibilities in new clusters to complement the successes seen in our original core sectors.  The city is committed to moving key ventures forward by making catalytic investments in cutting-edge initiatives that will attract quality private-sector investment.

We know that if we are going to sustain a strong economic presence on the national stage, we must constantly aim to reinvent ourselves in ways that will continue to attract large investors and a high calibre of talent as well as maintaining strong relationships with our current pillar sectors.

For more than half a decade, our focus has shifted from purchasing, servicing and selling industrial land to stimulating new economic clusters.

We are working to further develop competitive cross-cluster strategies for investment in the following sectors:

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