An inclusive community is one that actively works to ensure that no citizen is left behind. A digitally inclusive city is one that strives to ensure that access to technology is as much a right as it is a privilege.  As a digital city, Kitchener must work to ensure that all citizens have equal access to the benefits afforded by a smart city.

"An inclusive community is a strong community."

Becoming more inclusive means:   

  1. Providing opportunities for equal access to information and digital services.
  2. Supporting increased digital literacy and skills development for citizens.
  3. Creating conversations around digital inclusion and turning it into a broader philosophy across the region. 

To make this happen we will:

Work to better understand digital inclusion opportunities for Kitchener and its neighbourhoods
Our action steps include:             
  1. Working with community organizations to identify public access needs and finding solutions to address them.
  2. Establishing a service level standard for public tech and Internet access across the city.
Work to align digital access and literacy initiatives through greater collaboration with local organizations
Our action steps include:
  1. Supporting Kitchener Public Library as it expands digital programming.
  2. Working with economic development to co-support community based tech programming.
Advocating among the local tech sector to promote their own digital inclusion initiatives, including outreach and mentoring.

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