"We talk openly. We hear and consider multiple interests. We share the information that we all need to do our jobs well. We don't work in silos. We are diverse. We all see and experience differently. We are who we are. And we believe that we all have value. We embrace and build upon our unique histories, expertise and aspirations."
City of Kitchener People Plan

We want a work environment that includes us. Where we put as much effort into working with staff and engaging them in identifying issues and actions as we do with citizens. Where we interact with each other. Where we exchange ideas and information. Where we become engaged through being involved and working together. And where we know what's happening not just in our own areas. We also want to be part of a workplace where individual differences are valued, supported and encouraged.

What are we doing?

There are currently several initiatives underway which focus on these areas including:

  • Employee Culture Survey
    Completed by staff every 18-24 months; results determine and measure change and progress in employee satisfaction with corporate culture.
  • Employee consultations
    Various opportunities throughout the year for staff to get involved and comment on internal initiatives and programs.
  • Cross-departmental work teams
    Established on significant corporate initiatives and include representation from across the city. Examples include: website redesign, People Plan, Employee Culture Survey.
  • Open Door
    Open Door is an on-line forum where employees can ask anonymous questions of senior management.
  • Let's Talk
    Mandatory, twice yearly two-way discussion between employees and their managers about performance and development opportunities.
  • Employee Advisory Committee
    Cross-departmental committee of staff who proactively deal with employee concerns and questions.
  • Diversity Committee
    Cross-departmental committee of staff devoted to developing internal and external diversity policies and programs.
  • Diversity training
    The City of Kitchener's Diversity Training ensures that employees have the awareness, skills, knowledge, and ability to carry out their individual responsibilities and create a workplace environment that is inclusive and supportive so all employees can do their best work.
  • GM Twinning Program
    Pairs GMs with departments other than their own to provide opportunity for staff to get to know them and discuss issues.
  • Protégé Program
    Pairs current staff with new staff who act as a guide during their first weeks.
  • Workplace Language Coaching
    Assisting co-workers for whom English is a second language.

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