How to vote


You can vote at any of the five locations during advanced polls. If you choose to vote on Election Day, you must vote at the designated location identified on your Voter Notification Card (VNC).

Four easy steps to vote

  1. Take your VNC and one piece of personal identification to your voting location; present them to the deputy returning officer to receive the ballot and secrecy folder.
  2. Take the ballot to an available voting booth to cast your vote.
  3. Place an 'X' in the blank square to the right of the candidate(s) of your choice. You must use the special pen provided in the voting booth. If you make an error on your ballot, go to the managing deputy returning officer with your spoiled ballot and request a new one.
  4. After you vote, insert the ballot into the secrecy folder with the deputy returning officer’s initials showing, and take them to the tabulator assistant, who inserts the ballot into the tabulator. The tabulator reads the ballot and drops it into the secure ballot box.

 Unhoused voters

If you are eligible, you may still vote, even if you do not have a permanent address or identification. Your residence is determined as the place to which you most frequently returned to sleep or to eat (e.g. hostel, shelter, drop-in centre) during the last five weeks.

The following are examples of, but are not limited to, agencies working with the unhoused in Kitchener:

  • Reaching Our Outdoor Friends (ROOF);
  • House of Friendship;
  • St. John's Community Kitchen;
  • Ray of Hope.

If your agency wishes to be identified in this section, please contact the office of the city clerk as noted below.

Agencies working with the unhoused are encouraged to help them:

  • understand their right to vote;
  • register to vote;
  • provide an identification letter as proof that the individual has either slept or eaten at your location over the past five weeks; and,
  • arrange for a staff member or friend to accompany the individual to the voting location to help support them through the voting process.

To assist an unhoused individual in registering to vote:

  1. Find out where the person should go to vote (this will be a voting location in which the current place of lodging or eatery resides, or an advance voting location).
  2. At the voting location, they will be asked to fill out and sign an Affidavit of Residence indicating the place where they have slept or eaten in the past five weeks (if presented, an identification letter from the agency can make the process of completing the form easier for the individual).
  3. The easiest way to register and vote is to attend an advance voting location.

Information concerning the voting process is available on this website or from the office of the city clerk as noted above.

Accessible voting

  • All voting locations are accessible.
  • A friend or support person can assist a voter who is a person with a disability; inquire with the deputy returning officer at the voting location.
  • Accessible vote tabulators will be available at five advanced voting locations during the advance vote.

Appointment for voting proxy

Eligible electors who are unable to vote may appoint another eligible elector of the same municipality to vote on their behalf at Advance Polls or Election Day. The first day to accept Appointment for Voting Proxy forms is July 27th after 2:00pm. Appointment for Voting Proxy forms will be accepted until October 22nd. 

The elector making the appointment must fill out 2 copies of the form with original signatures – no scanned copies will be accepted. The elector that is being appointed as the proxy will then bring both forms to Legislated Services, Floor 2 of City Hall, to be commissioned.

Forms are available here.

Helpful tips for voters

Anyone may vote at an advance vote.

The peak voting times are when the voting location first opens in the morning and after 5 p.m. If you vote at a school, class dismissal time can also be busy. Although the voting ends at 8 p.m. on Oct. 22, if you are in the voting place at that time and have not yet voted, you will be allowed to cast your vote.

Bringing your Voter Notification Card (VNC) and valid identification will speed up the time it takes to vote.

If your name is not on the Voters’ List, apply to have it added prior to Voting Day. This will assist in quicker voting times for you and others.

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