Hidden Valley Crescent Neighbourhood Park


Hidden Valley Crescent Park will be improved this year - a transformation we believe will enhance the health and vitality of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Currently, the park, which extends from Hidden Valley Road to Hidden Valley Crescent, is a naturalized, open green space with some trees and vegetation. The park also accommodates overland flow to a nearby stormwater management pond.

The park offers great potential for becoming a beloved gathering place for nearby residents of all ages.

Thanks for your feedback!

Community residents have played a key role in our plans to re-design the park, attending a public information session and participating in our recent online survey.

As a result, three design concepts were generated:

Other resources that have been used to develop the three proposed concepts include:

Next steps

The preferred park improvement plan and survey summary will be posted soon, followed by:

  • Detail design
  • Contract procurement
  • Construction


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