General tax information and tax rates


Property taxes allow us to pay for the programs and services you expect and value - and help make our community a desirable place to live, work and play.

Each year, city council adopts a final budget and sets a tax rate to help cover the costs we incur to provide your municipal services. While some of our costs are covered by revenue we receive from provincial grants, user fees and other sources; the rest must be raised through property taxation.

According to the results of an independent study, our city's property taxes rank lower than most of Ontario's 26 largest cities on an annual basis.

Components of your tax bill

At the municipal level, we collect residential, commercial, industrial and other classes of property taxes. However, in addition to our portion, your final property tax bill is made up of:

Education taxes

The Province of Ontario collects a share of your taxes and remits the funds to the local school board you support - either the Waterloo Region District School Board or the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

Regional taxes

Kitchener is part of Waterloo Region, which means a portion of every resident's tax bill must help cover the costs the Region of Waterloo incurs to delivers services, such as public transit, waste management, affordable housing, police and emergency medical services.

2020 Due dates

 The following schedule includes the dates your property taxes are due this year. 


Due dates:


Property types

First Instalment

Second Instalment

Interim Tax Bill

  All properties

 March 2, 2020

 May 1, 2020

Final Tax Bill:


 July 2, 2020

 Sept. 1, 2020


  Commercial, industrial and multi-residential     

 Sept. 1, 2020

 Oct. 1, 2020


Tax rates

Check out the following links to review our final property-tax rates from 2009 through 2020.


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2009 final tax rates

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