Kitchener is located along the Grand River, the largest river within southern Ontario, which means there is an inherent risk of flooding. It is important to prepare for rising water and to stay safe during the event of a flood. 

The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) is responsible for protecting people and property from flooding. If you would like to receive flood messages to stay informed visit their website.

Safety tips

During a flood event, residents are encouraged to:

  • Listen to local media, and follow municipal social media sites for current up to date information 

  • Take note of key areas under warnings from GRCA

  • Do not walk in the flooded areas

    • Did you know? Swift water only 6 inches deep can knock an adult off their feet!
    • Electrical and other utility services may be damaged by the flooding
  • Do not drive around road barricades

    • Did you know? Swift water 1 foot deep can push a car off the road and swift water 2 feet deep can cause a car to float with the current.
  • Stay far back from edges of the water as river banks will be highly unstable due to erosion and debris

    • Keep pets on a leash near the water

    • Wait until an all clear is given from authorities before returning to recreational activities in the rivers and area ponds

For more information on what to do before, during and after a flood visit the GRCA's website.

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