Fireproof your home


Cooking is the number one cause of residential fires in Ontario. You can make your kitchen - and your entire home - more safe by completing the following checklists:


⃝  Appliances are in good repair

⃝  Appliances that have been approved as safe through electrical testing like microwaves and pressure cookers 

⃝  Gas appliances have been inspected annually

⃝  Appliances are not plugged in when not in use

⃝  Appliances are kept a good distance away from sink and stove

⃝  Appliances do not have any frayed cords or exposed wires

⃝  Excess electrical cord is rolled up to prevent an accident

⃝  Do not use the area above your stove for storage

⃝  Spray cans and flammable liquids are kept away from the stove

⃝  Wastebaskets and other items that can burn are kept away from the stove. 


⃝  Bedspreads and laundry are kept away from radiators and Electric heaters

⃝  Windows are easy to open

⃝  Extension cords only hold one plug 

⃝  Cords are used properly; not under rugs, over doorways or hung over nails 

⃝  There is a clear path to the exit that would be your escape from a potential fire

⃝  No one smokes in the bedroom   

Living room

⃝  Smokers are responsible for their smoking materials - using proper ashtrays and not cups, cans or lids 

⃝  Ashtrays are located on tables and not on the arms of a chairs or sofas

⃝  Fireplace is screened and free of ashes 

⃝  Potential exits that could be used to escape a fire are kept clear of furniture and other belongings

⃝  Lamps are free of burnable decorations    

⃝  Lamps are placed a good distance from drapes   

⃝  Drapes are kept away from radiators

Cellar, attic, storage and work areas    

⃝  Newspaper and garbage is discarded 

⃝  Items that can burn are stored away from the heat source and never under stairs

⃝  All gasoline is stored outside the house     

⃝  Paints, solvents, turpentine, lighter fluid, rags or brushes soaked with any of the above are stored in locked metal storage containers marked "flammable"

⃝  Fuses or circuit breakers are the right size  

⃝  The furnace or heating system been cleaned this year

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