Fire permits


When do you need a permit?

Kitchener fire department's main goal is to ensure the safety of citizens and our community. Which is why, permits are required for certain activities including: open air burning, special events, and firework or pyrotechnic events.

Open air burning 

If you live in the rural areas of Kitchener and would like to burn waste material for non-recreational purposes, a permit is required. 

An open air burn permit allows you to have a fire on your property in order to clean up excess yard waste such as trees that have fallen from wind or to clear farm land. Brush and branches may qualify, however the landowner is encouraged to mulch or deposit the debris  at the regional landfill. Open-air burning is only allowed in areas that have been designated as rural. A visual inspection of the burn area by the fire department is required to confirm the location fits within the rules and regulations.

Burn permit rules:
  • Notifying Kitchener Fire Dispatch before burning starts and when burning has been completed
  • Burns to occur only during daylight hours

  • Weather conditions  such as wind or lack of rain, or presence of dry grass renders approval invalid

  • Any fire is subjected to the regulations set by the ministry of the environment regarding air pollution.  Plastics, rubber products, leaves, etc. cannot be burned.

  • The Ontario Fire Code ( states, "Open air burning shall not be permitted unless approved."

  • No burning will be permitted on air quality advisory days.

A permit is not required for recreational fires. For more information visit the outdoor fireplaces page.

 Special-event permit 

In addition to municipally run events, the city welcomes a variety of events managed independently.

If you are organizing an event or festival in Kitchener, you will likely require a permit/license to be completed prior to your event taking place. Examples of items that would require a permit/license include: food vendors, fireworks, road closures, tents, alcohol and temporary vendors.

Some special-event permits that are issued by the city's manager of licensing require a site inspection by the fire department. If you would like to host an event in Kitchener, you are required to fill out an online special events application form. Prior to inspection, the venue must be set up the way it will be used during the event or festival. Please contact licensing for more information at, 519-741-2275.

Fireworks and pyrotechnic event permits
Fireworks are only permitted the day before, day of and day after Victoria Day, Canada Day and Diwali. If you would like to set off fireworks at a public event outside of the acceptable days a permit is required.

How do you get a permit?

To get a burn permit, or fireworks and pyrotechnic event permit contact:
Kitchener Fire Prevention at: 519-741-2495, or e-mail

Please contact Kitchener Fire prevention for fees and details.

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