Filsinger Park stream naturalization project


Our restoration of Victoria Park Lake a few years ago was a tremendous win for our community. But what many people may not realize is that several smaller projects - including the naturalizing of Filsinger Park's waterways - will enable us to preserve the condition Victoria Park Lake for years to come.

During this project, we replaced about 1.8 kilometres of concrete channel with a naturalized and winding stream. This work has helped to improve water quality, and reduce the amount of sediment -- soil, dirt, debris, etc. -- flowing into Victoria Park Lake.

We also:

  • Replaced three pedestrian bridges
  • Realigned the trail to accommodate the winding creek
  • Constructed two small wetlands near the storm outlets to improve water quality

As well, instead of chipping, burning or disposing of the trees that were damaged in the 2013 ice storm, we reused the materials to restore 725 metres of the stream's banks. The bends in the stream use wood debris to provide structure under the water surface. This minimizes erosion, introduces nutrients into the system, and provides habitat and food for fish.

The redesigned creek provides all the benefits of a natural watercourse, with great visual appeal.

Our work on Filsinger Park's waterways earned us, along with our lead project consultants at Stantec, the Consulting Engineers of Ontario's Diamond Design and Construction Award: Creek Restoration Award of Merit.


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