Environmental assessments


The following categories contain information on our current development engineering projects, including the corresponding environmental assessments.

Current roads projects 

Strasburg Road extension

Strasburg Road South extension - from north of Stauffer Drive to New Dundee Road Class Environmental Assessment Study

Strasburg Road environmental study report - October 2013

Strasburg Road draft environmental study report

Agency correspondence

Strasburg Road background information

Public information centre

Strasburg Road north extension

Templewood Drive to north of Stauffer Drive

Public Information Centre - Construction 

Detail design

Strasburg Road background information

Background information

Transportation planning & engineering study

Environmental study assessment information gathering

Mausser Avenue & Stirling Avenue S. Road reconstruction

Design plan

Queen Street Placemaking construction project

 Public open house panels

Guelph/Englewood road reconstruction project

Public information centre 1

Delta/Sydney/Maurice road reconstruction project

 Public information centre 1

Stormwater Management Master Plan

Current wastewater projects

South Strasburg gravity trunk sanitary sewer

Ottawa-Trussler area sewage facility

Old Mill sanitary pumping station

Doon South Pumping Station

Current subwatershed studies

Upper Blair Creek

Strasburg Creek flood control



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