Energy management


Energy management is at the top of the priority lists of many people, businesses and organizations -- and the City of Kitchener is no different. In fact, our city is among the leaders of the municipal movement toward improved energy practices and council approved efforts to reduce GHG emissions associated with city operations by 8 per cent over 10 years.

A number of city staff members have and continue to dedicate their careers to finding new, cutting-edge ways to conserve energy. Examples include:

  • Installation of automated building control systems to better control the heating, air conditioning and ventilation in many of its facilities.
  • Lighting retrofits - the installation of more energy-efficient lighting technology.
  • Variable frequency drives that reduce the amount of power being used to drive large motors in our facilities.
  • Capacitor banks that improve the 'quality' of the power being used in our facilities and reduces the penalty paid to our utility provider for having a poor 'power factor'.
  • Air to air heat exchanger added to reduce the amount of energy used to temper the incoming fresh air at Breithaupt Pool.
  • Development of the Corporate Climate Change Action Plan

The benefits to the city are abundant, with environmental stewardship and great cost savings -- more than $1.2 million annually -- as the most significant advantages.

Our efforts have led to great recognition for the city, including an award from Natural Resources Canada for 'best practices' in energy management, along with awards in energy efficiency for our Stanley Park and the Chandler Mowat community centres, and LEED gold certification for our Activa Sportsplex facility.

Ontario's Green Energy Act (GEA) was created in 2009 to expand renewable energy generation, encourage energy conservation and promote the creation of clean energy jobs. Under the act, municipalities are required to report on their energy consumption annually for all indoor facilities that are heated or cooled.


View our Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan 2019-2023.

Below you'll find the Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions reports for City of Kitchener facilities.
Please note, these documents are not in an accessible (machine readable) format.
If you would like an alternate format, please contact Lynda Stewart at 519-741-2600 x4215.

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