Emergency service policy


If you are developing a residential subdivision or building a condominium it must include emergency service infrastructure to keep residents safe like fire hydrants in neighbourhoods, and clear emergency access routes for ambulances to reach people in need. 

Developers, construction companies and designers are responsible for ensuring their development projects and building projects include the necessary emergency service infrastructure requirements to keep the community safe.

The city created an Emergency Service Policy to provide clear direction on what safety infrastructure is needed including, requirements for water supply, emergency access routes, and fire breaks for townhouses and construction projects.

The policy is divided into five sections:

  • Water supply
  • Fire routes
  • Emergency access
  • Multiple unit identification and municipal addressing
  • Miscellaneous (Fire breaks)

Some or all of the requirements in the policy may apply to small buildings, large buildings, residential subdivisions, and commercial and industrial developments.

The developer is responsible for including the safety infrastructure requirements into their plans submitted through existing processes, such as Site Plan Pre-Applications, Site Plan Applications and Building Permits.

For more information or questions, please contact Fire Prevention by emailing: fireprevention@kitchener.ca 

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