Doon's community centre expansion


About the project

Doon Pioneer Park is a thriving community along the southern edge of Kitchener. The DPPCC was built in 1989 and designed to serve the 7,200 residents of the community at the time.

Since then, the population has grown to over 20,000. The centre's expansion is necessary to continue providing programs and services for the increased population of children, youth, and adults and to meet the growing needs of the community.

Council approved an expansion for DPPCC in 1999, and although competing capital projects have delayed the project in the past, it now time to move forward with the expansion. 

Read our FAQs to learn more.

New Features

We heard through our consultation with the public how much people valued the community centre and that the top priorities for the renovation were expansion of the gym, more or bigger meeting rooms and more or bigger space for people to gather with friends or neighbours.

When the expansion is complete, the Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre will have:

  • Large program room
  • A new gymnasium
  • Additional meeting space
  • Spacious lobby and seating area
  • New washroom facilities
  • New spray ground 

View the floor plan and drawings of the new centre. 

What do you need to know?

The Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre will close for  construction in spring 2018 and is expected to re-open in fall 2019. The Kitchener Public Library will remain open during the construction phase.

City staff and the DPPCA are working on the reduced spring program roster.  This includes utilizing available spaces at area churches and schools, and other City of Kitchener facilities to offer some spring programming. A full list of available programs will be available in the New Year.

Key dates

Saturday, March 3, 2018 - last day of winter programming

April 2018 - construction phase begins

Fall 2019 - centre re-opening

Project updates
 September 2017

The project team has completed the concept and schematic design stage. Focus is now being directed on the detailed design and development of the individual spaces and features included in the addition and renovation (for example,  the types of floor required in the different program rooms).

Upon completion of the full design/development the next number of months will revolve around the development of the construction documents and the required preparation work for the construction tender process to begin.  Actual physical construction should be expected to beginning in the late spring of 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the centre close?

The centre will close in March 2018. The last day of programming is March 2, 2018.

What programs will be offered during the closure?

DPPCA and city staff are currently looking into available spaces to offer programming. Instructor availability, storage need requirements and availability of physical space are all being considered to accommodate as many programs as possible. The program offerings and locations will be available in the New Year. 

Can I still go to the library?

Yes. The library will remain open during construction. There will be a new entrance for patrons to use along with appropriate way finding signage. 

Will there be any outside amenities available during construction?

The winter rink will be open in winter 2018. The basketball court, spray ground and community garden will not be open during the construction phase. The new basketball courts at Upper Canada Park is scheduled to open in June 2018. 

Where can I go to access services I normally use at DPPCC?

  • Country Hills community centre and Kingsdale community centre are the closest facilities. They offer similar programs to the Doon Pioneer Park centre. 
  • Registration for programs, swimming lessons is available online through ActiveNet or at other City of Kitchener facilities.
  • Garbage bag tags can be purchased at most City of Kitchener facilities. 

Will there be a pool?

We recognize there is significant demand for additional pool facilities in the city; however, a pool is not planned as part of the expansion. The site is not large enough to accommodate a pool or the amount of parking that would be needed. The new facility will feature a new spray ground.

Why is the city expanding the community centre?

The Centre's expansion is necessary to continue providing programs and services for the increased population of children, youth, and adults and to meet the evolving needs of this growing community.

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