Doon's community centre expansion


About the project

Doon Pioneer Park is a thriving community along the southern edge of Kitchener. The DPPCC was built in 1989 and designed to serve the 7,200 residents of the community at the time.

Since then, the population has grown to over 20,000. The centre's expansion is necessary to continue providing programs and services for the increased population of children, youth, and adults and to meet the growing needs of the community.

Council approved an expansion for DPPCC in 1999, and although competing capital projects have delayed the project in the past, it now time to move forward with the expansion. 

Read our FAQs to learn more.

New Features

We heard through our consultation with the public how much people valued the community centre and that the top priorities for the renovation were expansion of the gym, more or bigger meeting rooms and more or bigger space for people to gather with friends or neighbours.

When the expansion is complete, the Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre will have:

  • An additional large program room
  • A new large gymnasium
  • Additional meeting space
  • Spacious lobby and seating area
  • New washroom facilities
  • New spray ground 

View the draft floor plan and drawings of the new centre. 

What do you need to know?

The Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre is closed for construction and is expected to re-open in late 2019. The Kitchener Public Library will remain open during the construction phase.

City staff and the DPPCA are working on the reduced program roster.  This includes utilizing available spaces at area churches and schools, and other City of Kitchener facilities to offer some spring programming. A full list of available programs is in Active Kitchener and ACTIVE Net.

Key dates

August 2018 - construction phase begins

Late 2019 - centre re-opening

Winter 2020 - Programs begin again

Project updates
September 2018

Actual physical construction should be expected to begin in September of 2018.

+VG is the architect for the build and the tender for contractor was awarded to Gateman Milloy.


Although there has not been much done to the site, City staff have been working hard to get the necessary permits, paperwork done to get Gateman Milloy, the contractor, for the build on site and ready to go.


Right now, +VG’s priority is to expedite all the updated requirements to achieve site plan approval and building permit issuance.  They are also preparing the agreements that the City enters into with Gateman Milloy – we need these approvals before Gateman Milloy can begin work on site. 

 February 2019
Construction began on site at the DPPCC back in September 2018.  

The contractor has cordoned off the construction area and has completed demolition on the front of the building to accommodate the rebuilding of a larger foundation.  

While still in the early stages of construction, the expansion is currently on track, with staff still anticipating a late 2019 reopening.  

A slowdown to construction work on site was expected in February due to winter weather conditions. Staff planned for the slowdown to take place, incorporating it into the construction schedule to avoid a delay to the overall project timeline. Action on other activities related to the expansion will continue during this time. 

A new pathway directing patrons to the back of the building to gain access to the KPL was created to continue servicing the community while construction is ongoing. 

We are very excited to see the progress being made on the DPPCC expansion and pleased that the library on site has remained unaffected and open to the public during this process. 

The Doon Pioneer Park Community Association is continuing to offer programs at a number of neighbouring schools, churches and Doon Village Retirement Residence. Contact the DPPCC at 519-741-2641 or visit the website for details. 

The DPPCC expansion reflects the city’s ongoing commitment to providing high quality programming through facilities that are safe and accessible. 

Once complete, an expanded community centre will provide additional meeting spaces and program rooms, as well as new amenities including a gymnasium and spray ground to continue to enhance the visitor experience. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current status of this project?

In working closely with our contractor, Gateman-Milloy, as well as the Kitchener Fire Department, we are ensuring the project moves forward in compliance with fire regulations that would allow patrons and emergency services to navigate the site safely while construction is ongoing.

It was necessary that these regulatory requirements were put in place as the safety of staff and patrons accessing the site during the construction phase remains our primary focus and top priority.

What next steps are involved?

Moving from the planning to the construction phase involved securing approval for the project’s site plan, as well as a building permit. Both requirements were contingent on several fire regulations being met, which staff have worked through.

We are excited to begin construction on the DPPCC and to share this process with residents of Doon. We look forward to the completion of construction on our newly expanded facilities. With the centre’s updates and new amenities, we look forward to better serving the needs of the growing Doon community.

What is the timeline for the project?

Construction on the DPPCC is on track to begin this fall, and we are still anticipating that the centre will re-open in late 2019, with programs resuming in winter 2020.

How can I stay informed?

To learn more about the expansion and to receive regular updates on this project, residents are encouraged to subscribe to this page by clicking the subscribe button below.

While the centre is closed, where can I access programming?

To avoid a disruption of service to patrons of the DPPCC, programs and services typically offered by the centre have been relocated to nearby schools and other facilities in the interim. Registration for fall programming has begun. To learn more about programs being offered, satellite locations, or to register, visit our community centre page.  


What programs will be offered during the closure?


Small Wonders

Forward Church – 600 Doon Village Road

Morning Marvels

Forward Church – 600 Doon Village Road

Piano Lesson

Doon Presbyterian Church – 35 Roos Street

Children’s Basketball

Pioneer Park Public School – 55 Upper Canada Drive

Children’s Soccer

Groh Public School – 225 Thomas Slee Drive

Adult Yoga – Beginner and Intermediate

Adult Tai Chi

Doon Village Retirement Residence - 868 Doon Village Road

Adult Experienced Competitive Volleyball

St. Kateri Tekakwitha School – 560 Pioneer Drive

Can I still go to the library?

Yes, the library will remain open during construction. There will be a new entrance for patrons to use along with appropriate way finding signage. 


Where can I go to access services I normally use at DPPCC?

  • Country Hills community centre, Williamsburg community centre and Kingsdale community centre are the closest facilities. They offer similar programs to the Doon Pioneer Park centre. 
  • Registration for programs, swimming lessons is available online through ActiveNet or at other City of Kitchener facilities.
  • Garbage bag tags can be purchased at most City of Kitchener facilities. 

Will there be a pool?

We recognize there is significant demand for additional pool facilities in the city; however, a pool is not planned as part of the expansion. The site is not large enough to accommodate a pool or the amount of parking that would be needed. The new facility will feature a new spray ground.

Why is the city expanding the community centre?

The Centre's expansion is necessary to continue providing programs and services for the increased population of children, youth, and adults and to meet the evolving needs of this growing community.

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