Diverse groups


Diverse groups are members of your family that will need special assistance during an emergency. Seniors, people with disabilities, children and pets need to be included in your family emergency plan.  It is important to consider the needs of every individual in your household to help you prepare for any situation. Visit the Ministry of Ontario's website for information and resources on how to build an inclusive family emergency plan.

If you have elderly parents or friends an emergency situation, or an evacuation can be a frightening and confusing time. It is important to educate seniors about the potential for emergencies, the steps to take to be prepared and, the programs and services available to help get them through the emergency and return to their regular routine. View more information on how to help seniors prepare for an emergency.  
During emergencies children look to their parents, older siblings, or guardians for guidance and comfort. Children follow their lead. The calmer you are, the calmer they will be. View more information on how to help children prepare for an emergency.  
 People with disabilities
There are an estimated 1.5 million Ontarians with disabilities and special needs. Emergency Management Ontario and the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario have developed an Emergency Preparedness Guide for people with disabilities/special needs. To better prepare for an emergency according to one's special needs, refer to the appropriate category in the guide for a list of suggested emergency survival kit items and contingency planning considerations.
Pets are an important and loving part of the household. Like family members, pets are also affected by emergencies. Remember to create a pet emergency survival kit, just as you would other members of your family to make sure your pet is cared for during an emergency. View more information on how to include pets in your family emergency plan. 

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