Development services review


About the review

Kitchener is going through an extraordinary transformation that can be seen happening all around us. To ensure we are in the best position possible to respond to exciting changes to the community we serve, the city is undergoing a review of our development services.

Development services include things like: customer front counter services for engineering, planning, transportation, building and economic development, building permits, building inspections, business development, downtown development, special events, land development planning, review and approvals (e.g. site plans, subdivisions, zoning by-law amendments, official plan amendments, condominiums, demolition control, consent, committee of adjustment, community planning, environmental planning, and heritage planning), transportation services (e.g. cycling, traffic calming, parking), and parks and open space planning.

If you have interacted with the city for any of these services we want to hear about your experiences so we can find out what’s working well and prioritize areas for improvements.

We’re excited to share that we have launched an Engage Kitchener page. We will use the Engage Kitchener platform throughout the development services review to provide key project updates and to engage with development services stakeholders.

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