Cultural heritage landscapes


Our ability to creatively conserve the historical integrity and early development pattern of our city, while encouraging new growth, makes us unique as a municipality.

To achieve this fine balance, we've taken inventory of our cultural heritage landscapes - historic places that blend the built and natural environment, and provide us with valuable insight into the events, people and activities that form the shape of our city.

This inventory - known as our Kitchener Cultural Heritage Landscape Study - has helped us confirm the heritage value and significance of our 55 identified cultural heritage landscapes, as well as establish an appropriate conservation strategy.

Our cultural heritage landscapes

Some of our most significant landscapes point to our industrial past - predating the arrival of the local railway in the 1850s, while others reflect our historic residential neighbourhoods - some of which were built before the First World War, and others that were constructed right after the Second World War.

Kitchener also boasts one of the best preserved Victorian-era parks in Canada - Victoria Park, which was designed between 1894-95, as well as landscapes associated with the First Nations and the historical Haldimand Tract, gifted by the King of England after the American War of Independence.

Nineteenth and early 20th Century cemeteries, golf courses, institutions, pioneer farmsteads and residential estates round out our inventory.

Award-winning study

Our cultural heritage landscape study earned a National Award of Excellence from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, and a National Award of Merit from the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals - honours that recognize our dedication to conserving our cultural heritage through proper planning and community awareness.

The study is available for view and download:

For more information, please contact us at 519-741-2426.

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