Council and committee meetings


City council and our three standing committees, which are made up of city council members, make the necessary decisions to move important projects forward and resolve issues that affect our community.

This is typically a two-step process.

Step 1 - Standing committee meeting
An issue report is generated by city staff, which provides background context and often recommendations to the standing committee most closely related to the matter at hand.

Councillors use standing committee meetings to discuss and debate an issue, and either adopt, amend, defeat or defer the related recommendations.

Step 2 - City council meeting
The decision made by the standing committee is then summarized in a report and submitted to city council for final resolution at their next meeting.

In addition to considering standing committee reports, city council is also responsible for making decisions on other municipal matters, such as bylaws, and receiving presentations and delegations.

Participating in a meeting

Standing committee and city council meetings are open to the public, and meeting agendas and minutes are available ahead of time. Anyone interested in addressing a committee or city council during a meeting can register as a delegation.

Each meeting is live-streamed on our website. You can tune into a live meeting, or watch a past meeting.

Rogers TV also regularly broadcasts council meetings; past council meetings are posted on their website.

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