By connecting our infrastructure we can become a more competitive, productive and attractive place to live and work. Roads, electricity and water are critical infrastructure that make our city safe and livable. Telecommunications and technology infrastructure serve as the critical links that connect people with each other, and their city. Once very distinct but now intertwined, these services provide the opportunity to build a smart city that connects people in ways never imagined.

"Infrastructure investments ensure that, from the ground up, our city is connected, innovative, on-demand and inclusive."

Becoming more connected means:

  1. Offering communications infrastructure with access and capacity required to remain globally competitive.
  2. Re-imagining wireless access in Kitchener as a more seamless service.
  3. Looking beyond traditional uses for existing infrastructure and integrate emerging sensor technologies

To make this happen we will:

Position Kitchener as an easy to access, low risk market for new investments in fibre optic broadband and wireless networks
 Our action steps include:             
  1. Determining current levels of internet and wireless service available within Kitchener.
  2. Opening up municipal assets to service providers through the use of policy tools and streamlining processes to create new partnership opportunities.

Explore new tech opportunities as part of all major infrastructure builds

Our action steps include:

  1. Making strategic investments in public Wi-Fi,including at all city facilities and major green spaces.
  2. Establishing a Kitchener-wide narrowband network through the LED streetlight conversion project to serve as the foundation for future smart city initiatives.
  3. Identify unique opportunities to leverage connected sensors in areas such as the city's parking, stormwater and utility enterprises.
  4. Encouraging stakeholders to use Kitchener as an incubator for smart tech projects.

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