Our collection of archives features records and artifacts we've collected, as well as donations we've received from the community - treasured pieces that reflect the history, culture, growth and achievements of our city.

We've made accessing our archives easy and convenient by posting many pieces from our main collection online - giving you the opportunity to learn about your local history without having to leave your home.

Some of the records you'll find in our main collection include:

  • Aerial photos from 1946 to 1984
  • Assessment rolls from 1854 to present
  • Board of health records
  • Board of park management records
  • Bylaws from 1864 to present
  • Council minutes 1854 to present
  • Kitchener City Hall records (1924 - 1997)
  • Kitchener Memorial Auditorium board of management records
  • Kitchener Minor Soccer Association records
  • Maps from 1857 to present
  • Millennium project records
  • Organizational charts
  • Parks and recreation commission records (1963 - 1973)
  • Photographs of places, people and events from 1924 to present
  • Recreation commission records (1948 - 1965)
  • Village of Bridgeport records
  • Water commission records
We are always looking to grow our collection of archives - records and artifacts that pay homage to the people, groups and events that have helped shape our city; and we welcome donations for our archives that meet our mandate and are deemed to be of archival value.

Donations to our archives are accepted on a permanent basis and are subject to our donation agreement, which outlines all applicable conditions and/or restrictions. All materials in our corporate archives are legally owned by the city.

We will accept donations of personal papers and other items if they complement our existing corporate archival holdings or serve to fill a gap in our collection.

We may also accept archival materials for short-term loan for exhibits or reproduction purposes if the owner does not want or is unable to donate the original materials. These materials do not become part of the archives.

We may not accept:

  • Oversized/large items due to space availability; or
  • Materials in extremely poor physical condition due to the unavailability of appropriate resources to restore them.

We will not accept:

  • Items that cannot be preserved under proper storage conditions; and
  • Contaminated items that could pose risk to staff, researchers and other archival materials.

If an archival item cannot be returned to us, details on the location of these records will be added to our files and/or reproductions of the records will be requested where possible and as appropriate.

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