Climate change


The City of Kitchener is committed to climate action. We understand our role as a global citizen and the need to be prepared for the effects of climate change. By reducing our GHG (greenhouse gas) impacts through conservation, efficiencies and innovation, climate action provides an opportunity for the City of Kitchener to work together to further our strategic priorities

Corporate Climate Action Plan

Kitchener's Corporate Climate Action Plan is a detailed strategy for reducing our corporate level GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. Our goal is an absolute reduction of GHG emissions of 8 per cent by 2026. 

Learn more about how the city will adapt to climate change and mitigate its impact by reading the full report:

Our emissions target is more ambitious than it may first appear, because of the baseline year that was chosen. Our goal is an 8 per cent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2026 compared to our 2016 levels. Due to a number of efficiency projects that had already been completed, our 2016 emissions were already significantly lower than in 2010, the year most organizations choose for their baseline. Using a 2010 baseline, our absolute reduction target would translate to nearly 30 per cent! Even with a 2015 baseline, the absolute reduction target would be approximately 22 per cent.

Carbon dioxide equivalent is a standard unit for measuring emissions. It measures the impact of different greenhouse gasses in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide that would create the same amount of warming. It allows us to express our total emissions as a single number.

The following are Kitchener's recent historical emissions, and the emissions goal laid out in our Corporate Climate Action Plan for 2026:

2010: 13,058 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gasses per year
2015: 11,749 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gasses per year
2016: 10,397 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gasses per year
2017: 10,046 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gasses per year
2018: 10,232 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gasses per year

2026: 9,375 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent gasses per year

We are also on stage three of ICLEI’s BARC program for climate adaptation. This plan focuses on buildings, fleet and business travel, lighting, waste management and adapting to the impact of extreme weather events.

The City of Kitchener is a proud Bronze Pledging Partner with Sustainable Waterloo Region's Regional Sustainability Initiative (RSI), a  program that helps organizations in Waterloo Region assess their environmental impact and set carbon, waste, and water reduction targets.

Community Climate Action Plan

Local action can make a big difference, and we are proud to be a part of the ClimateActionWR (CAWR) collaboration - the group behind the development of Waterloo Region's first community action plan on climate change.

CAWR’s initial GHG reduction target of 6% below 2010 levels by 2020 has been replaced with unanimous municipal and regional support of 80 per cent reduction by 2050.

Climate Action WR is currently drafting a new plan with the Region and area municipalities and townships to achieve this target. You can also review the ClimateActionWR Action Plan and our progress reports.

These resources provide more information on climate projections for Waterloo Region:

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