Civic Centre


Neighbourhood Planning Review

The neighbourhood planning review for Civic Centre has begun. The City would like to formally invite residents to participate in the Neighbourhood Planning Review of the new Civic Centre Secondary Plan and updated zoning. We want to canvass your opinions on the preferred land uses, and understand your opinions on the character that you would like to see in your neighbourhood. This will help us determine what regulatory tools should be implemented to protect these features.

Public Meeting #1 - Dec. 12, 2018

The Public Open House will include a number of stations to provide an opportunity to discuss and share your input with the City planners on the land uses proposed for the new Secondary Plan and the character that you would like to see in the secondary plan area.

Further engagement will occur through the next steps of this Neighbourhood Planning Review prior to any recommendations to City Council in 2019. Please subscribe to the page using the yellow button below to receive updates when new information is added.

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