City Departments


Kitchener's operations are overseen by the office of the chief administrator and managed by the following five departments:

Corporate services

Corporate services brings together internal business partners that support the delivery of public services that citizens value. With a focus on professional services, innovation, culture and communication, Corporate Services works to ensure that the City’s culture, strategic position and reputation are protected, communicated and advanced effectively.

Corporate services includes the following divisions: Corporate Communications & Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, Legislated Services, Technology & Innovation Services, Office of Mayor & Council.

Community services

Community services is comprised of primarily citizen facing services and publicly accessible programs and spaces that support a safe and healthy city, defined by thriving neighbourhoods. Delivering a high-quality, consistent customer service experience, Community Services connects people with valued services, and with their neighbours and city staff to continue doing great things in their neighbourhoods.

Community services includes the following divisions: By-law Enforcement, Corporate Customer Service, Fire, Neighbourhood Programs and Services, Sport. 

Development services

Development services aligns functions that drive effective citybuilding, ensuring that strong internal collaboration supports an excellent customer experience with partners in the city’s continued growth and development.  The activities of the Department enhance urban vitality, economic diversity, environmental sustainability and quality of life for all residents.

Development services includes the following divisions: Building, Economic Development, Engineering, Planning, Transportation Services.

Financial services

Financial services develops and delivers strategy, policy and programs supporting the city’s full finance continuum, from planning and budgeting to collections, procurement, spending and accounting. With a focus on financial integrity, the Financial Services Department ensures the responsible stewardship of public funds and oversees a comprehensive approach to asset management planning.

Financial services includes the following divisions: Accounting, Asset Management, Financial Planning, Revenue, Supply Services, SAP Business Solutions.

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services leads the quality and efficient delivery of infrastructure services that all Kitchener citizens rely on every day, including buildings, roads, trails, parks, watermains, sewers, natural gas distribution systems, and vehicles. The department provides effective planning and implementation of corporate strategies/policies as they relate to the use of city property, assets and infrastructure, to implement broader city objectives.

Infrastructure services includes the following divisions: Facilities Management, Fleet, Kitchener Utilities, Operations - Environmental, Operations - Roads & Traffic.

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