Business plan


Providing the important services our community relies on takes proper planning and hard work.

Our business plan sets this course of action for us, guiding the work we must accomplish during this term of city council so we're able to meet your needs, fulfill the commitments we've made to the community through our strategic plan, and respond to emerging issues in a sustainable, affordable way.

Developed under the direction of our corporate leadership team, with the full participation of city council, our corporate management team and staff from all city departments, our business plan maps out how we must use the resources available to us to deliver value to the community. The plan guides us toward achieving our strategic priorities, as well as maintaining and improving our core services.

Read about updates on our business plan projects.

A Year in the Life: Stats and facts at a glance

Have you ever wondered what a year in the life of our organization looks like? Check out the key stats and facts that bring the city to life - and the people who work hard every day to deliver the core services you count on.



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