Business in Kitchener


Kitchener is a city propelled by entrepreneurs, investors, artists, manufacturers, and so many others; incredibly talented and resourceful people work together to build industries and animate the city.

Rich with incubators, accelerators, research institutes and a barn-raising, maker mentality, Kitchener is a global maker hub and go-to location to source for innovation and collaboration.

With a thriving economy, Kitchener is a highly competitive, urban region that supports a high standard of living with innovation and capital investment. It is the largest municipality in the Waterloo Region, supporting high levels of research and development spending; and we are well positioned to stay ahead of the curve in the years ahead.

Kitchener is the western anchor of the Toronto-Waterloo Region Innovation Corridor; a Corridor that has a population of 5 million people, over 5,000 startups and 200,000 tech workers. The Corridor is widely known as Canada's best economic growth opportunity, and is comparable to Silicon Valley in size, geography and capacity to invent. 

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