Break open tickets


Break-open tickets are instant-win tickets. The city licenses organizations to sell break open tickets at legions, hospitals and variety stores.


An individual is not eligible for a lottery licence. An organization may be eligible if it:

  • Has been in existence for at least one year;
  • Has provided charitable community services consistent with the goals and activities of the organization for at least one year in Kitchener;
  • Proposes to use the proceeds for charitable programs and services that benefit Kitchener and its residents;
  • Assumes full responsibility for the conduct and management of the lottery event.

How to apply

If your organization has not been licensed in the past two years, you are considered a new applicant and must submit an eligibility review to the licence office.

If you are an organization that has been licensed in the past two years, you are a previous applicant.


Organizations must file a break-open ticket lottery report within 30 days of the end date of their licence.

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