Bingo in a pooling bingo hall


Bingo is one of the most popular games of chance of all time - and many organizations want to offer people the opportunity to play and win.

Before running a Bingo event at a commercial Bingo hall, groups must obtain a license from us. Currently, there is a waiting list for licenses to operate Bingo events at these halls.


Eligible organizations that obtain a lottery license from us must:
  • Be in existence for at least one year;
  • Have provided charitable community services consistent with the goals and activities of the organization for at least one year in Kitchener;
  • Propose to use the proceeds for charitable programs and services that benefit Kitchener and its residents; and
  • Assume full responsibility for the conduct and management of the lottery event.

Individuals are not eligible to obtain a lottery license.

How to apply

If your organization has been licensed in the past two years: You can submit a request to our license office to be placed on our Bingo waiting list.

If your organization has not been licensed in the past two years: You must submit an eligibility review to our license office. If we approve your eligibility, you can request to be placed on our Bingo waiting list.

Reporting requirements

Organizations conducting Bingos must file a monthly Bingo report within 30 days of the month end.

Please include the following items when submitting your report.

  • A completed report with original signatures of two of your organization's principal officers; the listing of your principal officers on file with our licensing office must always be up to date;
  • A copy of the report month's bank statement (online summaries are not acceptable);
  • Copies or legible scanned copies of all cancelled cheques;
  • Copies of all receipts, invoices, purchase orders, bills of sale and letters of intent supporting each donation/expense.

A year-end report is due within 180 days from fiscal year-end date of the organization; the report must include:

  • A completed year-end report (available from our licensing office) with the original signatures of two principal officers from your organization; and
  • An updated list of your board of directors, including names, positions held, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

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