Appear as a delegation


Would you like to address city council about an issue that's either affecting your home, neighbourhood or the broader community? No problem -  you can request to register to speak as a delegation at an upcoming council or standing committee meeting.

As a delegate, you are allowed a maximum of five minutes to address council or committee members. If your delegation consists of a group of five or more people, two spokespeople may speak, each for a maximum of five minutes; all speakers must register as delegations independently.

Please keep in mind, city council and committee meetings are open to the public, and they may be recorded for broadcast on Rogers TV and our website.

Registration information

To register for a matter listed on an upcoming agenda, please register in advance of the meeting.
  • To register for a council meeting and have your name printed on the agenda, you must register by noon on the Wednesday before the meeting.
  • To register for a standing committee, you must register two Thursdays before the meeting.

If you wish to register after the deadline, you can do so until the start of the meeting, please try to complete the online registration form in advanced. If you are unable to complete the online delegation registration form please speak with the committee administrator at the start of the meeting. Your information will be provided to the meeting chair to call for you at the appropriate time.

You can obtain copies of upcoming council and committee agendas by searching for the meeting date in our calendar of events

You cannot address council or a committee on a particular issue more than once - unless you're providing new information. The new information must be outlined in a delegation form and submitted to the our city clerk's office for review.

Preparing a presentation 

If you plan to use a PowerPoint presentation, you must submit your slide deck to our city clerk's office by noon on the business day prior to the meeting. A presentation submitted past the deadline cannot be accommodated.

Presentation materials must comply with the Municipal Freedom of Information Privacy Protection Act (MFIPPA) and cannot include photos of identifiable individuals, licence plates or and names without the individual's consent.

When preparing your presentation, consider the following tips:

  • On average, a person can read about 110 words per minute out loud at a comfortable pace. Try to keep all speaking notes to maximum of about 550 words to ensure you are within the five-minute time allotment.
  • If you plan to present a slide deck, try to keep your presentation to five to eight slides, assuming about 45 seconds per slide, to ensure you are within the five-minute time allotment.


Petitions submitted during a public meeting are considered part of the public record. If you wish to submit a petition, please ensure everyone who has signed the document understands their personal information:
  • Will be available to the public, and
  • Will NOT be protected under MFIPPA. Please see the contact information listed below and contact the committee administrator if you intend to submit a petition.

Speaking guidelines

All comments are directed through the meeting chair. Members of council or committee may, through the chair, respond to a point or a question, where appropriate.

No more than one person can speak at a time; all delegations must behave appropriately and use proper speech and language when speaking. The chair may expel any person who violates these expectations from the meeting.

After you have spoken and answered questions, you'll be asked to return to your seat so council or committee members can  debate the issue and either make or defer a decision, pending additional information. You are not required to stay for the rest of the meeting once your issue has been discussed.

Registration contact information

To register as a delegation for an upcoming city council or standing committee meeting, please contact:

  • City council - Jeff Bunn at 519-741-2200, ext. 7278
  • Community and infrastructure services committee - Dianna Saunderson at 519-741-2200, ext. 7277
  • Finance and corporate services committee - Jeff Bunn at 519-741-2200, ext.7278
  • Planning and strategic initiatives committee - Siobhan Delaney at 519-741-2200, ext.7275

To register immediately before a meeting begins, please speak with the council page/committee administrator.

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