Age Friendly Kitchener Action Plan


How friendly is Kitchener for adults 55 plus?

We asked Kitchener residents to help us understand what support and resources aging adults need to enjoy a healthy and active life as they age in Kitchener. As a result of the feedback we received, the Age-Friendly Kitchener Action Plan was created. 

How did we create the Age-Friendly Kitchener Action Plan?

 We engaged.
Through the spring and summer of 2016, we engaged with close to 1200 older adults in our community to hear their ideas and better understand their needs.
 We built a vision.
Residents told us that it was important for people to be able to age in their neighbourhoods but policies, services and supports are required to enable them to do so. To ensure we are working towards this goal, the following community vision 'An age-friendly community in which we can live well and age well',  was developed.
 We identified our priorities using community feedback.
Through focus groups and surveys, we identified existing community assets and gaps as they relate to age-friendly principles. Using this feedback, the age-friendly advisory committee developed four priority areas for action as a first step towards achieving our vision, and they are:
  1. Accessible and Affordable Neighbourhoods

  2. Access to Information

  3. Belonging

  4. Connectedness and Well-being

The recommendations went to committee Monday, April 3, 2017, and were approved by council. Staff are transitioning oversight of this project from the AFC advisory committee to the Mayor's Advisory Council for Kitchener Seniors (MACKS).

A comprehensive implementation plan will be outlined that will address the actions in the plan and will guide the work over the next five years. To ensure accountability, an annual community report card will be developed as it relates to the progress of the action plan.

View the full staff report to learn more about the recommendations. 

 2019 Progress Report
The Mayor's Advisory Council for Kitchener Seniors (MACKS) was pleased to present their second progress report on the implementation of the Age-friendly Kitchener Action Plan at City Council on December 16, 2019.  The 2019 Age-friendly Kitchener Action Plan Progress Report highlights the achievements from the 2018/2019 MACKS term of office, demonstrating Kitchener's progress towards the vision of being a community in which we can all "live well and age well". 
 Age-friendly Kitchener Decision Making Lens.
 The Age-friendly Kitchener Decision Making Lens was developed by the Mayor's Advisory Council for Kitchener Seniors (MACKS) as one of the Actions identified in Kitchener's Age-friendly Action Plan. The goal of the lens is to guide decision making to support the inclusion of older adults in all aspects of civic life.  By building the principles and considerations within the decision-making lens into planning, policies and daily work, we will move Kitchener closer towards a community in which we can all live well and age well.

What we hope to achieve with the Age-friendly Communities grant

The objective of the Kitchener Age-Friendly Community Project is to plan and create a community that is responsive to the changing needs of older adults, and to ensure that there is ongoing social infrastructure in place to support older adults so that they can continue to contribute to all aspects of community life. This objective will be accomplished through achieving the following outcomes:

  • Defining local age friendly principles
  • Conducting a Community Needs Assessment
  • Developing an Age-Friendly Community action plan
  • Prioritizing recommendations of the action plan

More information:

About age-friendly communities

The City of Kitchener is one of 56 recipients of the Government of Ontario's Age-friendly Community Planning Grant. This program is designed to assist municipalities and non-profit organizations to promote healthy and active aging and support older adults in maintaining their independence and having access to the community supports and services they require. 

The steering committee will consult with the 55+ population to get their input on priorities and areas of concern. That feedback will be considered as staff develops recommendations for council to consider in the spring of 2017.This project will also assist staff with continuing to address and implement the recommendations of the Older Adult Strategy that was created in 2010.

Kitchener population statistics

Based upon 2011 census estimates, individuals aged 50+ represent 31.1 per cent of Ontario's population, while those over 65 years represent 12.3 per cent of the population. Projections suggest that by 2031, people over 50 years of age will represent 35.4 per cent of the population in Kitchener. Those over 65 will represent 20 per cent of the population.

For more information about this grant, please visit the Government of Ontario's webpage. 

Kitchener's Age-Friendly Community advisory committee has been selected and is a team of people including:

  • five members of the adult 50+ population from the community

  • one representative from the Mayors Advisory Committee for Kitchener Seniors (MACKS)

  • two representatives from Community Support Service Agencies supporting older adults in Kitchener

  • one representative from City Council

  • one representative from the academic community (University of Waterloo)

Should you have any questions about the Age-Friendly project, please contact by email, or call 519-741.2200 ext 5081 TTY 1-866-969-9994.

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