Accountability and transparency policy


As your municipal government, we are accountable to you - our residents, and committed to operating in an open and transparent manner. That means conducting our business honestly, ethically and with integrity.

Like every municipality in Ontario, we are required by the Municipal Act to have an accountability and transparency policy in place - a set of standards developed to guide our decision-making.

To ensure our policy continues to reflect the changing needs of our community, we re-examine its content during every new council term. This process includes reviewing our activities and commitments that support accountability and transparency.

Our most recent improvements to our policy include:

  • Open government definitions: Our open government framework includes definitions for the core principles of accountability, transparency and participation. We have incorporated these definitions into the policy for consistency.
  • Plain language: We've shortened the policy, rewritten parts in plainer language, and organized content into clearly defined sections for ease of use and interpretation.
  • Components and commitments: Overarching guidance for city activities, services and programs (components) has been preserved, yet shortened. And our new 'Commitments' section clearly states what methods we have or will put in place to support accountability and transparency.

Our accountability and transparency policy is reinforced by our code of conduct, which applies to city council, board members, and members of our advisory committees to city council.

If you would like a printed version of the information posted on our website, you can visit:

  • Kitchener City Hall - we'd be happy to print information for you;
  • Any Kitchener Public Library branch; or
  • Local community centres where free Internet access is available.

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