About Digital Kitchener


Digital Kitchener is a plan for the future to help citizens connect with each other, their surroundings and their government. It's about leveraging technology to create experiences that are authentic and meaningful to improve the lives of citizens.

Digital Kitchener is more than a strategy--it's a way of thinking; and, it's a commitment to building a great city.

City council approved Kitchener's first digital strategy in January 2017, along with brave actions to build the foundation for a smart city. Digital Kitchener is based on four clear themes.

Smarter infrastructure gives rise to smarter cities. By connecting our infrastructure, Kitchener can become a more competitive, productive and attractive place to live and work. Learn more about what it means to be connected.
Innovation isn't just about big ideas; it's about positive change that has the potential for significant impact. By inspiring a city of innovators, Kitchener can continue driving change that has a meaningful impact on citizens' lives. Learn more about what it means to be innovative.
 On Demand
Your community, at your fingertips. By improving access to digital tools like open data or online service choices, Kitchener can leverage the 'on-demand' experience to increase engagement and connectivity. Learn more about what it means to be on demand.
In a digital city, access is equality. By improving capacity to support digital literacy and increased access to tech, Kitchener can be a city where no citizen is left behind, ensuring that all citizens have equitable access to the benefits of a smart city. Learn more about what it means to be inclusive.

Read the full Digital Kitchener strategy.

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