To help support the revitalization of our local main street communities, we’re working with the My Main Street Local Business Accelerator program.

On this page:

  1. About the program
  2. How ambassadors help
  3. Areas and ambassadors

About the program

The My Main Street Local Business Accelerator is supporting the revitalization of 65 main streets across southern Ontario. Kitchener has five participating communities, each with a dedicated Ambassador.

The focus of My Main Street is to create and support vibrant and inclusive downtown main streets, while providing residents, new entrepreneurs and existing businesses with economic opportunities.

How ambassadors help

Main Street Ambassadors are meeting with local business owners to:

  • learn about their businesses
  • listen to their challenges
  • provide connections, resources and wrap-around support

If you’re a business owner in one of the supported areas, please reach out to your ambassador by email.

A limited number of non-repayable funding contributions up to $10,000 are available to qualifying new and existing businesses.

Areas and ambassadors

If you own a small business in one of these areas, reach out to your assigned ambassador to apply for the accelerator program:

If you’re not sure if your business is in one of these areas, use the My Main Street map to check the boundaries. In the "Local Business Accelerator" map, choose “City of Kitchener” as the municipality to centre the map on areas in Kitchener.